I can’t quite believe it I actually managed to finish everything and an hour before we had to do- what progress! I’m so happy with how far I’ve come and how my space & designs have turned out. As you know my space isn’t the one I wanted and I felt like it was quite small, but I made it work for me and now I couldn’t be happier.

During the day me and Helen discussed where my CAD visuals should go- to begin with I was quite nervous when she came over as I felt I didn’t have much time to change anything, but I’m glad she suggested that, it completed the whole look, my space then look finished.



As you can see I’m a very happy bunny and glad it’s over- stress free now!

I can’t actually quite believe it that It’ll be the last day that we’re all in uni together actually working- how strange, 3 years have gone past way to quickly but I wouldn’t change a moment of it.


Self reflective journal.


Field 3: Exhibition

‘Natures Beauty’ evaluation

I can’t believe I’ve actually made it to this point where I’m sat here writing this statement. It’s been such a roller coaster to get to this point but now that I’m actually here I couldn’t be happier with myself and how far I’ve come throughout my time and Cardiff Met.

My final project: Natures Beauty has been a very high note to end my time at uni and I feel it brings all my time here to a close. Throughout my time at Cardiff School of Art and Design I have developed into a confident, independent women with a passion for surface pattern design. This final project has taken my on a journey on understanding, learning and discovery of new skills and design work that has always been hidden. It has made me question all of my decision 3 times over and I feel it has made me much more aware of the pressure of working under a strict brief to a set time scale.

The idea behind my final major project was the fact that insects have been something that has always scared me. I have never had any interest for them and in fact when I would see them I would often run away, quite ironic knowing that my initials spell B E E. Despite this for my final major project I wanted to do something that would push me out of my comfort zone and that would challenge me physically and mentally so that when it was all finished I could say that I’m extremely happy with my work and whilst completing it I have managed to get over one of my biggest fears, and now that I have finished I can safely say that I am extremely happy with collection, and I have overgrown my fear for insects (maybe not all).

My main aim for this project was to turn the creatures that we see as ugly and horrid into something beautiful that we wouldn’t run away from. I set out to produce a creative collection of designs appropriate for the mid market for their living room interior. I wanted to create a sophisticated, elegant and classy collection of interior fabrics that would inspire the great outdoors into any home.

To insure that I would answer my brief completely I made 4 mood boards to put up on my wall so that I could always look at them to remind me exactly my aim so that I wouldn’t get side tracked. Each mood board had a selection of my project on it. My colour, theme, market and competitors. I feel that these were the beginning to the biggest project of my life so far. I wanted to insure that they were all completed to a high standard so they would reflect well within my project and that my final designs would coordinate along with them.

From here I moved on to the next stage of the journey and one that most people find a bit boring and not very creative- the research proses. I do understand why people find this part a bit tedious but I think it’s so important to do your research properly so you can know what’s out in the market now and how you could make your work stand out from the rest on the market at the time. I feel that my research is very in-depth and I’ve managed to annotate everything within it stating my opinion on the work of the artist and designer and also how they would influence my work. I’ve looked into a load of different artist, fashion designers and interior designers to insure that my research was thorough and that I had looked at every possibility regarding my chosen theme.

After I was happy with my research and my mood boards I moved onto the next chapter which one of my biggest struggles- drawing. I have never been a confident at drawing as I never felt that I was that good at it, it was never my strong point. But through out my time at Cardiff Met I feel that my drawing has continued to improve, especially within this project. I have actually enjoyed doing it. I feel I’m a more tactile, textured type of girl that loves getting her hands dirty, so within my sketchbook I have tried to use as many different techniques that I felt necessarily so that my work would be diverse and I had a choice of textures and mark makings that I could choose from for my final pieces. You wont believe this but I actually managed to complete 5 different sketchbooks, the most I have ever done, and yes they are all finished to.

I always knew that I wanted my designs to be digitally designed as I just felt it looked more professional and it fitted in better with my chosen theme. Whilst designing I think I was the most critical person ever! I was never happy with my designs I always felt that I could do better so I would always go back and change everything. All my designs have been created from my drawing so I feel that all my work within my collection including my sketchbook work all connects. I feel that my all my designs answer my brief and that they have been finished to a high standard that I am happy with.

As a young designer I pride myself on having a good eye for different colours and patterns. It can be seen from the designs that I’ve included in my portfolio that I have a flair for colour and textures, an innate understanding of trends and am competent working with most fabrics. I have exceptional illustration and artwork skills. I feel that it is very important for me to have these skills going into the textile industry and to be able to complete projects with confidence in these areas of skill.

My final project has been a very eventful and exciting process, of not just developing my existing skills and passions but also developing new ones. My main source of inspiration within many of my design work has been the outdoor environment, this is something I have a passion for and have enjoyed the research process that goes along with the design work.

I am a hardworking and confident individual with a lot of determination to succeed, who is more than ready to start a career in the design industry.

The chair is FINISHED!

I am so relived. The chair is actually finished! I can’t quite believe it. It’s taken a long time to get to hear and I was getting worried that it wasn’t going to be finished in time but it has and it’s AMAZING!!!! I’m so happy with it.

Today another student was bringing in chairs that she had gotten reupholstered and I started to panic that mine wasn’t going to look that good, but I had to remind myself that mine did look good and I had done it myself (with a bit of help) and that I should be really proud of it.

I brought it in today to see it against my space and to see how everything ties in together and I must say it looks so good. I’m extremely happy with how everything works and the chair just ties everything together and finishes off my collection and space.

I can’t thanks Steve (boyfriends dad) enough for all of his help with my chair- it’s been a long journey and a hard one at that with myself changing my mind and fabric ripping but we’ve finally got there and the result it incredible. It looks very professional and yet again it’s hand made!

CAD Visual

To help gage what my designs would look like on my products Cad Visuals is the best way to do it! I must say I’m not the best at doing CAD’s and struggled a lot whilst doing them but I think I’ve nailed it now.

CAD visual a4- to print chair.jpgCAD visual a4- to print stools.jpgCAD visual a4- to print.jpg

These are the Cads that’ll be on my wall- I also have a load of smaller ones that’ll go in my sketchbook so that I am able to annotate them and see what I can improve.

To show that my designs would work on other products outside my interior range. I decided that I wanted to look at fashion. I’ve put my designs on swimwear and also shoes and leggings. I feel these work really well and I’m glad that they work on other products- I really want a pair of these shoes!

cad- swimwear- bikkini.jpgcad visuals- fashion.jpg


To insure that my headers look professional I have created stickers to go on the back of each one so that they all are the same.

I was initially going to get them printed at the print studio as it just seemed like the simplest idea but with all the formatting and faffing that I would have had to do to make sure they would work it would have taken me ages- like it did with some of the other girls. Because of this I decided to print my stickers off myself- the only problem is the only sticker paper I could find is the one that you print sticky labels on, so they all had to be a specific size (this took me ages to get right on photoshop).


This is what they initially looked like, but of course me being me I decided to change my mind and add a bit of colour to them to make them tie in with my designs more.

stickers- chenille fabric.jpg

Also on these ones I have added on the bottom of each one the name of the fabric that the design is printed on- just to make the viewers aware if they liked the fabric.

I haven’t named all my samples so I didn’t add a name on the back of these, only the name of my collection which is – Natures beauty.

Additional consultancy work.

From the previous drawings that I posted I have now moved on and made those into card CADs. My plan was to actually make the cards but unfortunately time hasn’t been on my side, and I wanted to make sure that each one would have been to a high standard and to insure this it would have taken to much time out of my final major project. I do however feel that the CADs make the card justice and they look really well.


I added a bit of colour to these cards as it was mentioned in my feedback that it might be nice for those that weren’t blind or partially sighted. I’m happy with all of these designs and feel that the colour makes the design look more appealing. I want to make these designs plain white to but as a CAD it’s really hard as you wont be able to see it.

consultancy cad card 4 NEW

This time I have also added brail puns to my cards, I thought it would add a bit of humour to the cards and add a little bit extra to it. This one says ‘par-tea’ – how clever.

I feel that these added to some of my previous card make this project a lot more diverse and it opens up my target market.


So today disaster struck. As we were reupholstering the back of my chair my fabric ripped and frayed ): Luckily it didn’t have my design on it, it was just the back of the chair- but it was the exact same colour as the rest of the chair. I did have a bit of a meltdown but quickly got over it. I decided that crying and stressing over something that’s already happened isn’t going to help. So I sorted myself out and went out shopping to find an alternative for it. Dunelm luckily had one that a fabric that was near enough the same colour, so I brought that one and also a back up fabric which was a different colour. This time we’ll take extra precaution when fitting it so it won’t brake! The worst thing about this is that it’s delayed to process so now I’m another day behind with this chair… argh!